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第五届绿色工业交流会在泰国曼谷开幕:亚博app 本文摘要:OrganizedbytheUnitedNationsIndustrialDevelopmentOrganization(UNIDO),togetherwiththeUnitedNationsEconomicandSocialCommissionforAsiaandthePacific(ESCAP),andthesupportofThailand’sMinistryofIndustry,thethree-dayConferencewillexplorehowthegreenindustrycancreatejobsandeconomicopportunitiestodiversifytheeconomy,whiledecreasingresourcedependencyandpollution



工发的组织干事长李勇亚太经社会承担责任人Honjgoo Hahm特别强调了绿色经济在拓张亚洲地区及中国太平洋可持续发展观总体目标层面的必要性,可持续发展观总体目标在经济发展和社会发展层面得到 了显著进度,但在搭建自然环境总体目标层面展示出不较差。Hahm讲到:“我们要采取一定的有效措施,协同应对这种自然环境挑戰。大家必不可少处理好食材、水和动能的关联。

其解决方法是经贸合作和绿色经济,这务必在大家经济发展持续增长方式的下一阶段去拓张。”泰国工业部科长Uttama Savanayana特别强调泰国将可持续发展观摆在首位。

他讲到,政府部门早就特别强调了将这种标准付诸行动的必要性,并特别强调了现阶段已经进行的好多个最重要绿色工业新项目和方案,还包含绿色煤业、规模性绿色生态设计方案和绿色生态规范。工发的组织干事长李勇(左)和泰国工业部科长Uttama Savanayana(右)这周有高达400名与会人员摆满泰国曼谷,还包含高級政府官员、利益相关者意味着、产业协会、专家学者及社会团体。






BANGKOK, 3 October2018 -The Fifth Green Industry Conference opened in Bangkok today, with a strong focus on the opportunities green growth could yield for businesses and emerging economies.Organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), together with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), and the support of Thailand’s Ministry of Industry, the three-day Conference will explore how the green industry can create jobs and economic opportunities to diversify the economy, while decreasing resource dependency and pollution.In his opening remarks, UNIDO Director General LI Yong said: The core mission of UNIDO in Thailand has never been more relevant. UNIDO’s systems and approaches in support of inclusive and sustainable industrial development are fit for the future, and the growing commitment to expand UNIDO’s partnership with Thailand speaks for the trust placed in the Organization.Officer in Charge of ESCAP Honjgoo Hahm underlined the importance of the circular economy in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia and the Pacific, where SDG indicators show remarkable progress on the economic and social fronts, but poor performance towards achieving the environmental targets.“We must work together to address these environmental challenges, to meet mitigation measures, and to do better for life on earth, life below water, and for our future,” said Hahm. “Asia will still grow. We will still achieve our social objectives. But the food, water, energy nexus is not a convenient choice, it is an absolute necessity. The solution is regional cooperation, and pursuing a circular economy that must be driven in the next stage of our economic growth paradigm.”Uttama Savanayana Minister of Industry, Thailand emphasized that Thailand has attached the highest priority to sustainable development. He said the government has stressed the importance of putting these principles into practice and highlighted several key green industry projects and programs currently underway, including green mining, productive eco-designs and eco-standards.Over 400 participants will gather in Bangkok this week, including high-level government officials, representatives of the private sector, industry associations, academia and civil society to discuss how the concept of green industry helps countries achieve multiple development objectives in the context of the 2030 Agenda. Speakers from around the world will participate in sessions on the themes: green industrial policy, resource management and the circular economy, greening businesses and supply chains, clean technologies and innovative business models, and building green industry infrastructures of the future.Held first in 2009, the Green Industry Conference is the premier global conference on green industry trends and practices organized every two years by UNIDO and partner organizations. Previous conferences were held in Ulsan, Republic of Korea (2016); Guangzhou, China (2013); Tokyo, Japan (2011); and Manila, Philippines (2009). The aim of the Conference is to scale-up and mainstream green industry policies, methods, and techniques throughout developing and transition-economy industries.One of the key Conference features this year is an exhibition, which will run in parallel with the Conference, and will provide an opportunity for corporations, small and medium enterprises and academic institutions to showcase their knowledge, innovations and progress on various aspects of inclusive and sustainable industrialization.。